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Hello whoever may be reading this. I am 'Toogr', and this is my staff application.

Have you read, and comply with the Terms & conditions?
I have thoroughly read the terms and conditions and are satisfied that I meet all of the required criteria.

As of writing this, I am 17 years old; 18 on the 29th of October.

In-game name:
My minecraft username is "Toogr".

What are you applying for?
I am happy to be a part of any position within the MelonKraft staff team. Due to previous experience, I have extensive knowledge as being a server staff member; from moderating the chat, dealing out punishments to rule-breakers, as well as configuring server plugins, I have a thorough understanding of all of the necessities.

What is your Timezone?
My timezone is GMT+00:00.

Why do you want to be staff?
Since beginning on MelonKraft, I have become very fond of the server and would be honored if I were able to help make the server a smoother experience. I personally enjoy configuring servers as well as assisting players when possible. I believe that due to this as well as all previous staffing experiences, I would make the perfect candidate for a new member of the staff team.
I am very mature and can handle situations the right way. I do not abuse my commands by giving players things they can't normally get. I am very patient with players that are perhaps a little 'annoying''. I like to help new players and give them tips on how to play the game. I am also very trustworthy. I have never abused and am not planning on ever abusing commands that an owner has given me. Abusing is out of the question for me. It makes me so angry that some staff members give special treatment to some of their friends and give them not accessible items/commands. I believe I have good grammar, don't use vile language (swearing) and can moderate situations appropriately.
I believe that I have had a lot more past experiences than most others and therefore potentially have a better thorough understanding than them, which is needed to be an effective staff member.
I would also like to note that on a number of times, I have been online but no other staff members have. Having me as staff could potentially help to counter this issue.

How much time do you have to contribute to the role?
Monday to Thursday, I have college and so will be unable to play during these times. However, on these days I do not have very late finishes and so would be able to play on the MelonKraft server afterward. Friday to Sunday, I would contribute much longer. On average, I would estimate that I'd be able to offer between 5 - 12 hours on the server each day.

Do you have a Microphone?
I have a Corsair HS50 which has an attachable microphone. I have, however, been having some difficulties with it recently and so would likely have to purchase a new headset which I will assure has a microphone. In the meantime, I have a pair of earphones with a built-in microphone which could be used.

Do you have any past staff experience?
I have a lot of previous experience as staff on other minecraft servers, some of which consist of:
- TimeCraft - Helper/Builder rank.
- MineRise - Moderator/Builder rank.
- PVPWar - Co-Owner/Developer/Builder rank.
- Lockbox - Head-Developer/Builder rank.
- Personal Servers - I have owned and run several servers in the past, focusing primarily on the development, building and ban management.

How would you deal with a hacker?
This question would vary depending on the severity of the hacks used.
For non-malicious hacks, I would simply ask the user to stop hacking as well as warn them so that other staff members are aware. If they were to continue, I would have to take further action, such as temporarily-banning the user for a set period of time. If they were to continue further after making a return to the server, I would either further temporarily-ban the user or permanently-ban them depending on the server's punishment guidelines.
For malicious hacks, I would simply temporarily-ban the user for a set period of time, in hopes that they'd acknowledge their wrong-doing and decide otherwise. If they were to continue further afterward, I would permanently-ban them.

This question does depend on the server's punishment guidelines and so the punishments delt are likely to vary.

How would you deal with a spammer in chat?
Similarly to the previous question, the severity of the spam would determine the outcome of their punishment.
If they were simply spamming to cause drama, I would warn them and then if continued temporarily-mute them. In a worst-case scenario, I would have to perm-mute them.
If they were spamming racist, sexual or harassment comments, I would likely skip the warn and temporarily-mute them. I would perm-mute the user if required.

For both cases, I would try to avoid dealing with direct punishments and try to defuse the situation using words and warns when appropriate. However, if necessary I would deal direct punishments in order to make the server's experience better for all the players.

How would you handle a "difficult" player?
I would firstly private message the player and try to understand why they are how they are and if possible, I will try to be a supportive figure and attempt to help them deal with their situation. I am very patient and so could provide an adequate amount of time trying to help their situation. In worst-case scenarios, I would have to warn the user and/or temporarily-mute/temp-ban them. After all, I have to take the whole server into consideration and so if better for the whole community and when appropriate, the further punishments would have to be delt.

Is there anything else we should know?
I don't believe so.

Playtime on the server:
As of writing this, I have a playtime of 7 days and 5 hours and have joined on the 20th of September.

If anyone has any questions regarding my staff application, be sure to message me either on the forums, the discord server, or in-game.

Thank you for your time whilst reading this,

Note: I appreciate all constructed feedback this staff application may receive.
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