VoidOfTheSkies - PermBan


New member
User : VoidOfTheSkies
date: 21-9-19 (today) Approx 7/9/19 when banned. Server: DazyWorld
Reason: i '''''HELPED'''''' in a raid
PrevBans/Mutes: none on MelonKraft, but 1 ban on dazyworld.

why i should be unbanned: Ok, so i was banned for helping a Previous admin raid. however, i did not do any Major damage. The following is what i did:
-Build multiple UFO's
-Fix my home

I understood why i got banned, but In my oppinion a permanent ban is a bit much. im not asking for forgiveness, i just want a chance, so this is all i ask:
-I get a 30 day watchover (like if i mess up i get permanent banned)

i understand you can't trust me, but that doesent mean that others don't. and my reputation is ruined anyway.

i'm sorry.
- void

p.s. if i don't do anything wrong within these 30 days, can you consider a unban?