Zeusia's Staff Application


New member
1. Have you read, and comply with the Terms & conditions? Yes/no - Yes

2. Age (minimum 16): 18

3. In-game name:

4. What are you Applying for? (Eg: T-Mod, Mod, etc.)
- I am applying for server Manager. Reasons will be listed in question 9.

5. What is your Timezone?
GMT +1 (I'm from England)

6. Why do you want to be staff? (Motivations, why should we choose you amongst others):
I want to be Staff because I love this server. I was looking for a server to play that had all aspects that I enjoy and also plugins that make the game more fun.

7. How much time do you have to contribute to the role?
I am free everyday as I have no school. Generally around 20 hours a week or more.

8. Do you have a Microphone? (link to the product if possible)
Yes as I stream! Razer Kraken V2 Tournament Edition (Headset, new mic soon)

9. Do you have any past staff experience?
Yes I have Staffed on big servers such as Arkham Network with 1000+ members online 24/7. I also used to be the manager of the unofficial hypixel Discord which use to have 7000+ members. I am also currently one of the leaders of a gaming organisation called Rizing which has 2500+ members in their Discord. I have owned minecraft servers before and also Managed big Discords so I know a huge amount about Management. I can run an amazing Staff team and run weekly meetings whilst checking Staff Applications. I know the differences between good Staff applications and bad Staff applications.

10. How would you deal with a hacker?
I would tp to the hacker in vanish and make sure they are hacking and also record it for proof. However I am applying for the Manager role so in this situation I would get a Staff (Mod or Admin) to tp to them. If no-one was online I would do it myself.

11. How would you deal with a spammer in chat?
I would warn them if they were spamming and make sure they know they cannot. If they continue then further actions will be taken.

12. How would you handle a "difficult" player?
Difficult players can be handled in multiple ways depending on what they are doing. This questions is very scarce and difficult to answer. I think the questions should specify a situation in which a player is being difficult.

13. Is there anything else we should know?
So my name is Zeusia and I am also a streamer as you know. I have contributed to the server in donations to help out and also made many friends. I was told I was a trustworthy and friendly player which I really appreciate. I hope to continue my journey and help out as the Manager due to my experience and this is my area of expertise. Another reason why I am applying for Manager rather than Mod/Admin is because it is more effective and a better use of my time and more helpful for the server.

14. Playtime on the server:
Not to sure but should be 20+ hours (Across 2 accounts)